***Our Garlic is USDA Certified Organic and NOFA-NY Certified Organic.***

***2019 Harvest was great. Our largest bulb sizes yet between 2.5-3inches+. Scapes never cut in 10 years, disease free, nutrient dense and delicious. Pinnacle in bulb size with very nice bulb coloring. Advanced genetics, phenomenally healthy seed. Call me at 631.338.4996 to place your seed order. We have ~250lbs left. Order while it lasts!

Ancient heirloom seed varietals: 
   - Pskem
   - Turban
   - Bogatyr
   - Purple Stripe

Organic Bulbils available.


Grand Gorge Garlic and Maple

P.O. Box 280
Grand Gorge, NY 12434

     Starting our solar powered, off the grid farm in 2007, our crop has had to co-exist with a healthy, large deer population.  Growing garlic was then the easy choice.  Our focus is optimum soil, rich in organic matter, free of chemical fertilization.  The six hard-neck varieties we grow are off the charts in flavor and bulb longevity.

   Our farm is located in Grand Gorge, NY at an elevation of 2000 feet above sea level.  Our remote mountain top knoll is isolated and pristine.  The higher mountains that surround us provide the perfect essence to grow great garlic.

    We plant our fall crop in October to coincide with the new moon.  Bitter cold and frigid biting winds that follow provide the ideal harsh conditions that garlic loves.  Our garlic beds easily experience sub-zero -30 degree ambient temperatures.  We apply a six inch layer of organic alfalfa straw to stabilize soil temperatures during winter which also suppress weeds during the growing season.


Not our garlic! As you can see below, with benefits set aside, a beautiful occurrence begins to unfurl in nature as the umbel and bulbil 'blossoms'.

At Grand Gorge Garlic and Maple we do not cut our scapes off, this provides many benefits.  An uncut garlic is a sealed system not opened by a cut nor subject to infection. A slow more uniform dry/curing equals full flavor and a long shelf life.  Umbel/Bulbil formation allows for positive ID of the plant in the field and during handling.

Bulbils are a nutritious food source and potential pure planting stock/seed for the next growing season.

By keeping our garlic plant heads and raising them in fertile soil we can grow hard neck garlic that is qualitatively superior.

At the Top of the Garlic plant forms a small globe referred to as the "Umbel", within are tiny flowers and small 'bulbils' that appear to look like tiny pearls or mini cloves, depending on the varietal.  Sizes range from a grain of rice stemming from a Purple Stripe or Marble sized coming from a Rocambole variety.

These bulbils are a delicious food source that can be put into soup or pasta or anything you desire!  Incorporated into Burgers or Sausage make for a healthy and deliciously enhanced flavor.  Additionally, if you wanted to plant, these bulbils could be your start of a new small garlic garden.  Just plant the individual bulbils in the ground and as you plant and harvest, these bulbils will continue to grow into a garlic bulb season after season. Having been grown without soil contact, the bulbils offer a healthy disease free seed to increase your garlic planting!!

We currently offer two varieties of Bulbils:

Large 'rice' sized bulbils will come from the 'Purple Stripe, Marbled Purple Stripe, and Porcelain Cultivars.'  If planted, these bulbils will produce a small size garlic bulb of the Persian Star, Chesnok Red, Bogartyr or Romanian Red cultivar, yielding miniature cloves the following harvest season.

Small marble or pea sized bulbils will come from our Rocambole cultivar.  If planted, they will produce a Spanish Roja or Kilarney Red

* Are bulbils are luscious and delicious!  They can be used as Spring planting stock or a healthy food source and most people have never had the pleasure of tasting such a wonderful gift from nature.  

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