Our Garlic is now Certified USDA Organic!!!

We are sorry we could not make it to the 2016 Hudson Valley Garlic Festival.  We were sold out before the festival.  We planted as much as last year and the demand exceeded the supply early and stripped the supply.  We appreciate all your support the past 4 years at the festival. You can still find our garlic in the Saugerties area (Mother Earth's Storehouse, Fleisher's Kingston, Woodstock Meats, Sunflower Natural Foods Market, Honest Weight Food Co-Op, & Cheese Louise). Please visit the shops in Hudson Valley region and get your fix of 'Grand Gorge Garlic' before their sold out!


We were recently interviewed by Andrea Giarraputo who writes a blog called Hudson Valley Gardens.  We are very excited and grateful to have an article on her blog.  Please check it out:

Hudson Valley Gardens | The art of gardening in the Hudson Valley

We want to thank each and everyone of you who were able to make it to the 2015 Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. It was a lot of good times and good people met. It was a tiring and long weekend, but very, very well worth it!! I am so thankful for all the people who came to our booth and experienced what OUR Certified Organic Garlic has to offer in flavor and quality. Each have their own unique tastes and provide different 'bites' in spice.  Everyone who came to our booth and tried our garlic was blown away by the flavor and color! We also hope you enjoyed our Maple syrup. New this year were our Organic French shallots and Organic All Blue potatoes.

Thanks again and we hope to see you all next year. Please be sure to like our page on Facebook and drop a comment of your experience!

Organic All Blue Potatoes (Limited Supply - due to a snow deficit and dry spring/summer):

2.5lb    $11.95
5lb       $19.95
10lb     $34.95

We ship on first come, first serve basis.  We are still filling garlic seed orders with little or no limits.  We are supplying serious garlic growers everywhere. Please contact us at or call Fred at 631.338.4996.
Our garlic crop of 2016 has been fully harvested and been curing for the past few weeks.  We're now taking orders for this years crop and will deliver as soon as possible.  Please email ( or call Fred at 631-338-4996 to place your orders!

Our delicious bulbils are also still available for purchase, both rice sized Porcelain and Purple Stripe and pea size Rocambole.  These rare bulbils are a special treat.

Bulbils are a delicious food source.  Each bulbil is encased in its own skin ensuring its vitality and flavor deep into Spring/Early Summer. 

If enjoying cheese and crackers add a bulbil to each bite for intense garlic flavors and healthy benefits.
Crush them and use them in burgers or as a steak/fish rub.
Even sprinkle them on pasta, salads, or add to soups for enhanced flavors.

The bulbil formed in its umbel sheath is never in direct contact with the soil. As planting stock this spring you are starting out disease free. As we approach the end of March, good garlic seed is scarce.  Our bulbils are the best low cost way to start your garlic health garden. 

We have two distinct strains available:
Rocambole - Peas to Marble sized
   *approximately 60-70 umbels per pound
Purple Stripe - Large rice sized
   *approximately 600-700 bulbils per 1/2 pound

Check for our prices in the bulb prices tab.

Thank You to everyone!
'Garlic' Health News: Garlic Protects Joints!!

Healthy Insight  August 11, 2011
"Garlic Protects Joints"  

In this first large-scale study of diet in twins, 327 pairs of female twins, average age 59, reported their diets over a 16-year period. Researchers measured signs of arthritis and found that those who ate the most fruits and vegetables were 39 percent less likely to develop hip arthritis. Those who ate the most vegetables containing allium—common in garlic, onions, and leeks—were 30 percent less likely to have hip arthritis. Later, in a lab, doctors discovered a compound in allium that suppresses cartilage-damaging enzymes and believe that garlic holds promise for treating
and preventing hip osteoarthritis.

Reference: Bio-Med Central Musculoskeletal
Disorders; December, 2010, ElectronicPrepublication