Our Varietals

Bulb Sizes:
Premium               2.75 - 3 in.
Jumbo                          2.5 in.
Extra Large                2.25 in. 

                   Largest bulbs will ship to earliest received orders so order early!
                            *Note: Smaller bulbs do last longer and are extremely flavorful!


2019 Organic Seed Garlic Pricing: Please check our Pictures page for available quantities.
$25 per pound (Large and Extra Large)
*Purchase 50lbs or more and receive a 20% off discount.
**Planting 1lb will yield approximately 5lbs of garlic.

2019 Organic Food Garlic Pricing
:  Please check our Pictures page for available quantities.
1/2 pound     $8.50
1     pound     $14.50

Bulbil Pricing: two distinct strains available

Quantities are rare and delicious:
20.00  per  pound (Purple stripe/Bogatyr ~900-1000 large rice sized bulbils)
20.00  per  pound (Pskem/Turban -  ~70 Umbels containing ~500-700 marble sized bulbils)

**If you are thinking of starting your own garlic garden, bulbils offer an easy and great way to begin your harvest, especially our Pskem/Turban varietals which could produce up to 1000 baby garlic plants in one pound.

Bulbil Sizes:
Rice Sized: Purple Stripe/Marbled Purple Stripe or Porcelain
Marble sized: Rocambole

      We ship orders via USPS and UPS!
Marbled Purple Stripe 

*Rich and interesting flavors
- Large and fewer cloves, yielding 4-7 cloves per bulb.
- Long storage life
- This is our second tallest garlic plant reaching heights of six feet.



 'Spanish Roja' and 'Kilarney Red' complex and bold in flavor.

With 6 to 11 cloves per bulb, one pound of Rocambole grows 50+ plants.  
- Our rocamboles are well grown and well cured.  
- We do not cut our scapes, creating a more nutrient rich, larger garlic head.  
- Grown at high altitude on a remote Catskill Mountain top in organic fertile soil.
- Fully protected from sun at harvest.  
- Harvested later than most due to altitude and hung in our wooden barn to dry with constant cool mountain breezes.  
- Our Rocamboles are easy to peel. 

Rocambole Bulbils - Our bulbils are available to eat or plant as seed. 




'Pskem Uzbekistan'
* Deep garlic character, very flavorful. 
- Avg: Four large cloves per bulb. 
- Purple coloring from a remote region of early remote civilization.



'Turban Uzbekistan'
* Full flavored.
- First to dig up and eat. 
- Referred to as the summer apple of garlic.
- Produces large bulbs, colors range from a beige, pink to purple.  
- The only garlic we grow that the scape does not coil, but droops.

'Romanian Red'
*Good complexity of flavors and high in allicin (antioxidant).
- Towers over other garlic by an average of two feet in height.
- Bulbs purple red in color.
- Yields 4-5 large cloves per bulb.

All Blue Potatoes
-Nutrient Dense.
-Exudes beautiful all blue color.
-Grown in the beautiful Catskills at a high elevation.
-Try the unique flavor and high nutritional value of our beautiful organic All Blue potatoes.

Purple Stripe Bulbils - 1/2 pound

Pskem/Turban Bulbils enclosed in Umbel - 1 pound