Our Varietals

6Bulb Sizes:
Premium                 2 1/2 in.
Jumbo                     2 1/4 in.
Extra Large           2 in. 
Large                     1 3/4 in.
Medium                  1 1/2 in.
Small                      1 1/4 in.

                   Largest bulbs will ship to earliest received orders so order early!
                            *Note: Smaller bulbs do last longer and are extremely flavorful!


2016 Organic Seed Garlic Pricing: Please check our Pictures page for available quantities.
$20 per pound (Large and Extra Large)
*Purchase 50lbs or more and receive a 20% off discount.
**Planting 1lb will yield approximately 5lbs of garlic.

2016 Organic Food Garlic Pricing:
  Please check our Pictures page for available quantities.
1/2 pound     $8.50
1     pound     $14.50

2016 Organic All Blue Potatoes Pricing:
1     pound     $4.95

Bulbil Pricing: two distinct strains available

Quantities are rare and delicious:
25.00  per 1/2 pound (Purple stripe/porcelain ~900-1000 large rice sized bulbils)
25.00  per  pound (Rocambole - 70 Umbels containing ~500-700 marble sized bulbils)

**If you are thinking of starting your own garlic garden, bulbils offer an easy and great way to begin your harvest, especially our Rocambole variety which could produce up to 1000 baby garlic plants in one pound.

Bulbil Sizes:
Rice Sized: Purple Stripe/Marbled Purple Stripe or Porcelain
Marble sized: Rocambole

      We ship orders via USPS and UPS!
Marbled Purple Stripe 

*Rich and interesting flavors
- Large and fewer cloves, yielding 4-7 cloves per bulb.
- Long storage life
- This is our second tallest garlic plant reaching heights of six feet.



 'Spanish Roja' and 'Kilarney Red' complex and bold in flavor.

With 6 to 11 cloves per bulb, one pound of Rocambole grows 50+ plants.  
- Our rocamboles are well grown and well cured.  
- We do not cut our scapes, creating a more nutrient rich, larger garlic head.  
- Grown at high altitude on a remote Catskill Mountain top in organic fertile soil.
- Fully protected from sun at harvest.  
- Harvested later than most due to altitude and hung in our wooden barn to dry with constant cool mountain breezes.  
- Our Rocamboles are easy to peel. 

Rocambole Bulbils - Our bulbils are available to eat or plant as seed. 




'Pskem Uzbekistan'
* Deep garlic character, very flavorful. 
- Avg: Four large cloves per bulb. 
- Purple coloring from a remote region of early remote civilization.



'Turban Uzbekistan'
* Full flavored.
- First to dig up and eat. 
- Referred to as the summer apple of garlic.
- Produces large bulbs, colors range from a beige, pink to purple.  
- The only garlic we grow that the scape does not coil, but droops.

'Romanian Red'
*Good complexity of flavors and high in allicin (antioxidant).
- Towers over other garlic by an average of two feet in height.
- Bulbs purple red in color.
- Yields 4-5 large cloves per bulb.

All Blue Potatoes
-Nutrient Dense.
-Exudes beautiful all blue color.
-Grown in the beautiful Catskills at a high elevation.
-Try the unique flavor and high nutritional value of our beautiful organic All Blue potatoes.

Purple Stripe Bulbils - 1/2 pound

Rocambole Bulbils enclosed in Umbel - 1 pound