Syrup Prices

Our Maple Syrup is:
  - Sourced ONLY from our High Elevation Maple Trees!
   - Wood Fired in highly efficient, stainless steel Evaporator!
   - Bottled in Unique Italian Glass!   No Plastic!
   - High Altitude!

PURE Maple Syrup is from the Catskill Mountains of beautiful New York State!

Syrup Pricing:
Grade A Light and Medium Amber
250 ML(8.5oz)        13.95 EACH
500 ML(17oz)         21.95 EACH
1000ML(34oz)        39.95 EACH

*Please call us if you are interested in Grade A Extra Fancy, for pricing and pictures. 

*We offer a 10% Discount to anyone buying 6 or more bottles.


Pictured Below:
Our Grade A Light Amber (Fancy) Maple

Our Grade A Medium Amber: